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21. Financial organizations shall support a just transition to a low carbon future, the SDGs, and peace.

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21. All states shall support SDGs, tax wealth and financial transactions, redistributing funds as basic income.

21. States shall oblige international financial organizations to reinforce SDGs, decarbonization and measurable wealth redistribution.

BB adds: Switching from Financial Institutions to States is a change in meaning to some extent, and some of the original signers could possibly not approve. Perhaps the footnotes could be shortened, but probably not eliminated.

RC: I tend to agree with BB, although “states obliging financial institutions” clarifies who is the driver behind the IFIs, which won’t likely do anything without pressure from member states. So I think both are friendly to the original; to some extent states obliging IFIs is clearer. But I like both. On this one I felt the word “peace” that is dropped in the update is incorporated within the SDGs and therefore not lost, specifically goal 16:

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