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Project Save the World

Welcome to the place where members of Project Save the World can work on our open-ended “essays” on the implementation (and implications) of each of the 25 proposals which were discussed and approved at the May 30-31 'How to Save the World in a Hurry' forum.

To edit one of the numbered Platform pages, just click on its link below.

You can begin editing your page by clicking the pencil icon on the right of the page. The text display will change to a plain font, with a formatting menu above. Enter in your text changes, and use the menu to enter formatting codes for the headings, links, etc as necessary.

When finished, press the Save button at the foot of the page.

Every page on the wiki also has a “page history”; just click the clock / arrow icon on the right to view the additions and deletions to the page since its creation.

The Platform for Survival

(note that this page is serving as an index for the 25 individual measures listed below).

War and Weapons — Especially Nuclear

Global Warming



Radiation Exposure

Cyber Attacks

Enabling Measures

Using this wiki

This page — the homepage for the wiki — contains clickable links to each of the 25 essay pages. It may not be edited, but the other pages can (and should) be edited. Click the ‘Edit’ button, make your changes, then click ‘Save’.

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