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Project Save the World

Welcome to the place where members of Project Save the World can work on open-ended essays and other documentation relevant to the project. There are currently three main tasks to address:

A) Clarifying the wording on the May 31, 2018 Platform for Survival. The planks/proposals to be reworded are as follows (click on the numbers, not the words, to access the page where each of these can be edited):

  • 17. To reduce radiation exposure all states shall shift immediately to efficient electricity from renewable energy.
  • 21. Financial organizations shall support a just transition to a low carbon future, the SDGs, and peace.
  • 22. Civil society alliances shall bring justice priorities to the agendas of major global organizations.
  • 23. Sub-national governments shall exercise leadership in global processes, networks, and institutions.
  • 24. Investors and regulators shall compel business to meet stringent human rights and climate standards.

B) Introductory Essays – detailed descriptions of each of the six global threats (plus enabling measures) for their respective pages on the website.

C) The Platform for Survival – comprehensive strategies to implement each of the 25 proposals which were discussed and approved at the May 30-31, 2018 'How to Save the World in a Hurry' forum.

If you have been asked to contribute a wording proposal or an essay, please click on the relevant category or page above.

Click on the pencil icon (upper right on a standard browser screen) to enter edit mode. Click on Save (bottom left) to save your work.

Please be sure to add your name or initials to the “Edit summary” box (at the bottom of the page when in text editing mode).

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